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Frigidaire Dryer Heater Assembly 131475320

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Frigidaire Dryer Heater Assembly 131475320

* Frigidaire Heater Assembly 131475320
* Compatible with Frigidaire, Gibson, Kelvinator, Kenmore Tappan, Westinghouse .
* With Housing.
* Replaces Part Numbers: 131475320, 131475300, 131234600
* Works with the following model numbers: 417.90802990, 417.90802991, 417.90802992, 417.90807990, 417.90812990, 417.90812991, 417.90812992, 417.90814000, 417.90814001, 417.90814002, 417.90817990, 417.91702000, 417.91702001, 417.92702200, 417.93702200, 417.93802200, 41793702201, 41793802201, 41793812200, 41793812201, 41793814200, 41793814201, 41794802300, 41794802301, 41794812300, 41794812301, 41794814300, 41794814301, 41797802790, 41797802791, 41797802792, 41797804790, 41797804791, 41797804792, 41798702890, 41798702891, 41798702892, 41798802890, 41798802891, 41798804890, 41798804891, 41798988150, 41798988850, F31C336CS1, F31C336CT1, F31C546CS1, F31C546CT1, FDE216RBS2, FDE336LBS2, FDE336NBS2, FDE336RBS2, FDE336RBT2, FDE436RBS2, FDE436RBT2, FDE546LBS2, FDE546NBS2, FDE546NBT2, FDE546RBS2, FDE546RBT2, FEX831CS0, FEX831FS0, FEZ831AS0, FEZ831AS1, FEZ831AS2, FEZ831CFS0, FLEB43RGS0, FLEB43RGS1, FLEB43RGS2, FLEB43RGS3, FLEB8200DS0, FLEB8200FS0, FLSE60RGS0, FLSE60RGS1, FLSE60RGS2, FLSE72GCS2, FLSE72GCS3, FLSE72GCS4, FLSE72GCS5, FLSE72GCS6, FLSE72GCS7, FLSE72GCS8, FLSE72GCS9, FLSE72GCSA, FLSE72GCSB, FLSE72GCSC, FLSE72GCT2, FLSE72GCT3, FLSE72GCT5, FLSE72GCT6, FLSE72GCT7, FLSE72GCT8, FLSE72GCT9, FLSE72GCTA, FLSE72GCTB, FLSE72GCTC, FLXE52RBS2, FLXE52RBS3, FLXE52RBS4, FLXE52RBS5, FLXE52RBS6, FLXE52RBS7, FLXE52RBS8, FLXE52RBS9, FLXE52RBT2, FLXE52RBT3, FLXE52RBT4, FLXE52RBT5, FLXE52RBT6, FLXE52RBT7, FLXE52RBT8, FLXE52RBT9, FLXE6960EW0, FLXE6960EW1, FLXE6960EW2, FRS6LE4FQ3, GCEH1642DS1, GCEH1642FS0, GCET1031FS0, GDE336RBD2, GDE336RBS1, GDE336RBW2, GDE436RBD2, GDE436RBW2, GDE546RBD2, GDE546RBS2, GDE546RBW2, GES831AS0, GES831AS1, GES831AS2, GES831CS0, GLEH1642DS0, GLEH1642DS1, GLEH1642FS0, GLET1031CS0, GLET1031FS0, GLET1041AS0, GLET1041AS1, GLET1041AS2, GLET1142CS0, GLET1142FS0, GLSE62RFW0, GLSE62RHS0, GLSE62RHS1, LDE333PBW1, LEH1642DS0, MDE116RBW2, MDE216RBD2, MDE216RBW2, MDE336MBD2, MDE336MBW2, MDE436RBD2, MDE436RBW2, MLSE62RFD0, MLSE62RFD1, MLSE62RFW0, MLSE62RFW1, MLSE62RFW2, MLXE42RED0, MLXE42RED3, MLXE42RED4, MLXE42RED5, MLXE42REW0, MLXE42REW1, MLXE42REW2, MLXE42REW3, MLXE42REW4, MLXE42REW5, MLXE42REW6, MLXE42REW7, MLXE42REW8, MLXE42RFW0, MLXE62RED0, MLXE62RED3, MLXE62REW0, MLXE62REW1, MLXE62REW2, MLXE62REW3, TDE336RBD2, TDE336RBW2, TDE546RBD2, TDE546RBW2, WDE216RBD2, WDE216RBW2, WDE336RBD2, WDE336RBS2, WDE336RBW2, WDE436RBD2, WDE436RBW2, WDE546RBD2, WDE546RBS1, WDE546RBW2, 47-2251-00-05, 47-2251-23-05, 47-2451-00-04, 47-2451-23-04, 47-2551-00-04, 47-2551-23-04, DE271KDW8, DE27A5WAFC, DE27A8WAFC, DE27S8WAGC, DE27T3WAFC, DE350RXD3, DE350RXD4, DE350RXW3, DE350RXW4, DE400ADD3, DE400ADW3, DE500ADD7, DE500ADW7, DE600ADD3, DE600ADW3, DE650ADD3, DE650ADW3, DE800ADD3, DE800ADD4, DE800ADW3, DE800ADW4, DEA500KD3, DEA500KW3, DEA501KD3, DEA501KW3, DET400KD3, DET400KW3, EL27M6WAFB, F31C336CS0, F31C336CT0, F31C546CS0, F31C546CT0, F31C747CS0, F31C747CT0, FDE116RBW0, FDE116RBW1, FDE216RBS0, FDE216RBS1, FDE216RBT0, FDE336LBS0, FDE336LBS1, FDE336NBS0, FDE336NBS1, FDE336RBS0r, FDE336RBS1, FDE336RBT0, FDE336RBT1, FDE436RBS0, FDE436RBS1, FDE436RBT1, FDE546DBD1, FDE546DBL0, FDE546DBW0, FDE546DBW1, FDE546LBS0, FDE546LBS1, FDE546NBS0, FDE546NBS1, FDE546NBT0, FDE546NBT1, FDE546RBS0, FDE546RBS1, FDE546RBT1, FDE747RBS0, FDE747RBS1, FDE747RBT0, FDE747RBT1, FDE847GCS0, FDE847GCT0, FDE847RBS0, FDE847RBT0, FLSE72GCS0, FLSE72GCS1, FLSE72GCT0, FLSE72GCT1, FLXE52RBS0, FLXE52RBS1, FLXE52RBT0, FLXE52RBT1, FSE747GCS0, GDE336RBD1, GDE336RBS0, GDE336RBW0, GDE336RBW1, GDE436RBD1, GDE436RBW0, GDE436RBW1, GDE546RBD1, GDE546RBS0, GDE546RBS1, GDE546RBW0, GDE546RBW1, LCE702ADD3, LCE702AWD2, LCE702AWW2, LCE702AWW3, LDE333PBW0, LE400AXD2, LE400AXW2, LE600AXD2, LE600AXW2, MDE116RBW0, MDE116RBW1, MDE216RBD0, MDE216RBD1, MDE216RBW0, MDE216RBW1, MDE216RBWD0, MDE216RBWW0, MDE316RBD0, MDE336MBD0, MDE336MBD1, MDE336MBW0, MDE336MBW1, MDE336MBWD0, MDE336MBWW0, MDE436RBD0, MDE436RBD1, MDE436RBW0, MDE436RBW1, MDE436RBWD0, MDE436RBWW0, MLXE42RBD0, MLXE42RBD1, MLXE42RBD2, MLXE42RBD3, MLXE42RBW0, MLXE42RBW1, MLXE42RBW2, MLXE42RBW3, MLXE42RBWD, MLXE62RBD0, MLXE62RBD1, MLXE62RBD2, MLXE62RBD3, MLXE62RBW0, MLXE62RBW1, MLXE62RBW2, MLXE62RBW3, MLXE62RBWD, MLXE62RBWW, TDE336RBD0, TDE336RBD1, TDE336RBW0, TDE336RBW1, TDE546RBD0, TDE546RBD1, TDE546RBW0, TDE546RBW1, WDE216RBD0, WDE216RBD1, WDE216RBW0, WDE216RBW1, WDE336RBD0, WDE336RBD1, WDE336RBS0, WDE336RBS1, WDE336RBW0, WDE336RBW1, WDE436RBD0, WDE436RBD1, WDE436RBW0, WDE436RBW1, WDE446JBS1, WDE546RBD0, WDE546RBD1, WDE546RBS0, WDE546RBW0, WDE546RBW1, WDE547PBS0, WDE646RBSD0, WDE646RBSW0, WDE846RBD0, WDE846RBW0.

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  • Model: Dryer Heater Assy 131475320 A
  • Manufactured by: Frigidaire

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