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Repair Basics - Dishwasher Parts

If you own a dishwasher unit, it is absolutely essential that you become familiar with dishwasher parts and the repair basics for these units. In today's fast paced world, more and more individuals are starting to consider the dishwasher an essential when it comes to kitchen appliances. While these units are not present in every home, it is likely that within a couple of years, they will be considered a necessity. It is important to understand that if you own a machine of this type that basic maintenance and repair may be needed. In this guide, I will introduce you to some repair basics as well as the dishwasher parts that will be needed to effectively handle any of these repair issues.

Repair Basics

There are many common issues that may occur when it comes to the overall maintenance of your dishwashing unit. The following represents some of the most common complications that you may find yourself experiencing with your product:

Failure to Function

If you try to start the dishwasher that you own, and nothing seems to happen, you are facing a failure to function. The first appropriate troubleshooting steps include ensuring that the unit is plugged into an electrical outlet. If you find that it is, the next area that you will want to visit is the breaker box located in your home. When you open the box, you will want to see if any of the breakers have "popped". This will be evident if the breaker for the dishwasher outlet is in the center position, or in the "off" position. If the breaker is not the issue that is occurring, it is important to check out the switches that are part of the dishwasher itself. Typically, there will be a switch that allows the machine to operate on the door of the unit, a switch that permits for the settings associated with the unit, as well as a switch that dictates the time that the unit runs. Naturally, if any of these seem to need replaced, this will need to be done. If not, you may be facing an internal electrical complication.

Drainage Complications

Drainage complications are often experienced when it comes to dishwashing units. One of the first areas of interest should be the air gap that is typically located near the faucet as an attachment. In many cases, food particles may block this area. If this occurs, the clog will complicate the draining process altogether. The next area that you will want to focus on includes the hose that actually drains the water from the unit into the appropriate location. You should check for any type of obstructions. If present, these should be eliminated. Much like an automobile, many units have a belt that is attached to a pump that induces drainage. It is important to inspect this belt unit to determine if it has been broke or damaged in any way. If it has, attempt to replace it and test run the unit to determine if it has resolved the issue.

There are many common complications that may occur when it comes to your dishwasher. These two problems noted are among the most popular when it comes to maintenance and repair. By learning what troubleshooting steps are required to effectively resolve an issue, you will need to become familiar with the unit. Then, you will know what dishwasher parts are required to eliminate the issue.

Dishwasher Parts

Drain Hose - This particular hose is an essential component when it comes to draining water from the dishwasher to the area where you designate the water to be eliminated. Uninstalling and reinstalling this particular component is relatively simple and the product itself can typically be purchased inexpensively.

Air Gap - This dishwasher part is located near where there is an attachment near the faucet of the unit is located. It helps to move debris from the unit to an appropriate location. In many cases, this part can be removed and cleaned. However, it may require a completely new piece if the original becomes damaged in any way.

Pump Assembly - The pump assembly is a common dishwasher section that is essential for the functioning of the system. This usually includes a pulley system which is attached to a pumping unit that controls the ebb and flow of the water that is required for the unit.

Heating Element - This is a component that is built into the unit in order to warm the water that is required to appropriately clean the dishwashing unit.

Switches - Switches are responsible for many tasks in the dishwasher. One may inform the system that the door is closed, and one may allow you to set the time to operate, and other settings. Then, there are some that control other electrical based functions of the dishwasher.

As you can see, there are several different common dishwasher parts and repair issues. It is important to ensure that you become familiar with the repair basics so that you may know which parts are appropriate for repair.

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